Stephanie Oestreich’s Impact Story

My preferred form of IMPACT is the one that leaves behind a trail of significant improvement.

WIB members are making strides in their roles, their communities, and industries. We asked Stephanie to share her impact with us, and here is what she told us:

Can you tell us what your current role is?

I’m the Chief Business Officer at Galecto, responsible for strategy and business development.

Thinking about impact, can you describe 2–3 projects or initiatives you were involved in that mark a major achievement for you in your role?

First launching Jakavi (ruxolitinib) in myelofibrosis for Novartis in Austria as one of the first countries (five more followed).

Establishing an incubator with a US Venture firm while at Evotec.

How has your membership in WIB helped you in your professional growth?

WIB has been a tremendous network and resource of ideas!

How do you plan to further your impact in the future?

I will contribute my experience and leadership skills to further provide innovative therapies for patients, their treating physicians, and their families.

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