Renee Stewart’s Impact Story

It means making the world a better place.”

What does impact mean to you?

Impact means contributing to the body of scientific knowledge. It means contributing to our medicinal arsenal to make patients’ lives better. It means supporting and empowering fellow researchers, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople. It means making the world a better place.

Can you tell us what your current role is?

I am Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Levolta Pharmaceuticals, a small pre-revenue company whose lead asset is for treatment of osteoarthritis. At this point, the company is composed of only the three founders, so we each wear many hats, responding to the current needs of the company.

Thinking about impact, can you describe 2–3 projects or initiatives you were involved in that mark a major achievement for you in your role?

My original role in Levolta as Chief Scientific Officer was to oversee the very early-stage product portfolio. As the later stage clinical asset came to the fore, I had to pivot into investor engagement. Never one to crave the spotlight, I’ve learned to give investor pitches and network to the company’s advantage, to talk about value proposition and ROI, and to evaluate the marketplace.

How has your membership in WIB helped you in your professional growth?

Membership in WIB and serving on the WIB Leadership team have been invaluable. It has provided the opportunity to meet and network with women all across the local ecosystem. I was fortunate to serve on Leadership with a group of women who were unfailingly supportive of people trying new things and developing new skills. As Chapter Chair, I tried to carry that support to those new to Leadership.

How do you plan to further your impact in the future?

Having just stepped down from the Chapter Chair position, I’m now looking at where I’d like to put those skills I gained with WIB into service, perhaps as part of a chapter Advisory Board. Along with my fellow Co-Founders, I continue to drive our company forward with investor and strategic engagement.

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