Lourdes Perez’s Impact Story

What does impact mean to you?
Impact means a lasting change to me.

Can you tell us what your current role is?
I am currently a Women In Bio Fellow.

Thinking about impact, can you describe 2–3 projects or initiatives you were involved in that mark a major achievement for you in your role?
In my role, I have undertaken a few big projects that have marked achievement for me. First, I did a demographic analysis on the members of WIB-Connecticut, allowing the chapter to see how WIB can be more inclusive and welcoming to people of varying backgrounds. Next, I was able to create a complete list of resources that would help the next fellow more easily transition into their role if another were hired following me. Lastly, I was able to create a meeting outline for volunteers so they would be able to have a detailed introduction to WIB in order to find where they felt most comfortable.

How has your membership in WIB helped you in your professional growth?
My WIB membership has helped me in my professional growth by expanding my network.

How do you plan to further your impact in the future?
I plan to further my impact in the future by spreading my net wider, allowing me to help in a more diverse number of areas, as well as attending as many events as possible to allow me to meet and connect with more people.

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