Jennie Starr’s Impact Story

What does impact mean to you?

Impact is bringing the leadership, innovation, change management and diversity required to life science and biotech companies seeking to make historic leaps to improve the lives of people living with serious disease and as an industry make inroads to eradicating diseases.

Can you tell us what your current role is?

At Seres Therapeutics, I lead a team that markets the innovation of oral microbiome therapies, recruiting and screening healthy donors to support patients with serious diseases, such as C. difficile and identifying patient donors in support of R&D studies for a variety of conditions and potential future investigational microbiome therapies.

My role is Director, Marketing & Recruitment. I am responsible for the GoodNature brand at Seres Therapeutics which is used to identify donor candidates, both healthy and those diagnosed with disease states we study, for bio procurement of bacterial strains for commercial and research and development purposes. I also manage the technology tools, process and team responsible for the first line of health screening.

Thinking about impact, can you describe 2-3 projects or initiatives you were involved in that mark a major achievement for you in your role?

It has been a privilege to recruit and retain the donor pool that fuels the first FDA approved microbiome oral therapeutic.

When I took the role, I knew that educating the public of the opportunity to use good bacteria to potentially support people with serious disease would be paramount to recruit and retain donors.

Communicating the incredible opportunity that both the bacterial and virus world have to help us shape human health treatments into the future is very meaningful and will continue to be one of the most interesting stories in human health and longevity for years to come.

How has your membership in WIB helped you in your professional growth?

WIB has been central to my professional growth. WIB was my initial home to learn about the industry. My first event, a Microbiome panel, prepped me for my interview for my first job in the industry the very next morning.

Wanting to pay it forward, I asked our Chair if I could found our MAPS program to create avenues for mentorship in our chapter. I live and breathe community building and it felt like the natural way to support WIB. The peer groups my WIB colleagues and I built and later Executive programs not only fueled our membership locally and nationally, but helped participants advance in their careers and fuel leadership in the industry.

I built a powerhouse network not only in Southern California but throughout the United States and continue to do so and have an incredible community that has my back in my career aspirations. WIB opens the doors to inspiring women and men who are gracious of their time and experience in every way.

How do you plan to further your impact in the future?

I serve as an advisor for the Southern California Chapter and continue to recruit and build for our MAPS and Executive programming. Nationally, I am also pursuing new program development such as the founding of micro-communities by industry that I believe can provide avenues to strengthen vertical markets in life science and biotech and open the door to relationship development that can fuel new treatments. WIB has the unique opportunity to make a difference this way because we are laser focused on life science and biotech.

Professionally, I am a patient focused biotech and pharmaceutical product development and marketing leader with talent for crafting and scaling innovation stories of early stage and emerging companies. I make the biggest impact for companies where I can lead in product development/R&D leveraging my business development background and business leveraging my sales and marketing background.

My biotech/pharma industry favorites? Microbiome and phage therapies, all things synthetic biology and cultured (cellular) food tech. I intend to make my impact in leadership with emerging companies in this area for years to come.

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