Barbara Troupin’s Impact Story

“Contributing something of meaning and substance in a way that helps to solve a problem,
generate solutions, or make the world better.”

What does impact mean to you?

The ability to share knowledge, context, or a body of work which allows for forward progress toward a goal. Contributing something of meaning and substance in a way that helps to solve a problem, generate solutions, or make the world better.

Can you tell us what your current role is?

I am currently working on a portfolio of fractional roles – meaning I do not have a single full-time role, but rather a number of part-time roles which vary. I enjoy the variety, the flexibility, and the ability to do very different things with different parts of my week. One of my roles is as an independent director sitting on a public biotech company’s Board of Directors. Another is sitting on a non-profit board working towards addressing poverty, inequity, and disparities and increasing the diversity of the biotech workforce. I also advise CEOs and Boards on strategy, coach and mentor new C-suite executives, help people with their career transitions, and work on a variety of projects.

Thinking about impact, can you describe 2–3 projects or initiatives you were involved in that mark a major achievement for you in your role?

Building teams and companies has always been one of my favorite activities. Whether I am building a new Medical Affairs team to start getting a company ready to commercialize a product or helping a company figure out how and when to grow, building culture and alignment has always brought me joy and a sense of accomplishment. I also love to learn, so taking on any new project that allows me to learn new things and apply my knowledge is a hallmark of a great role.

How has your membership in WIB helped you in your professional growth?

WIB has always done a good job of creating network and connection, allowing for growth, pairing mentors and mentees, and helping all help the life sciences thrive.

How do you plan to further your impact in the future?

I expect to continue mentoring and advising, learning new things, and helping people and companies rise to the occasion of delivering therapies that make peoples’ lives better.

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